Sunday, September 4, 2016

                   TRUMP ERA ENDING SOON

We are getting very close to the end. The Election is rapidly approaching. Many of you have heard the Messages from both sides. And I must say, this has been a very Nasty Election Year. We have heard Trump call everyone who dare to defy him every nasty name he could come up with. He has repeatedly said "I'm gonna win so much you all will be begging me to stop winning".Well Mr. Trump, we are already tired of you and you haven't won anything! Now,we just want you to SHUT UP. As for Hillary, she can handle herself very well. We all have our reservations this year about both Candidates, however, one thing that many of us know for sure. Trump is in this only for the WIN. If her were to be elected (and that's a BIG IF), What does he do then? He can't even give a speech without having his staff (what's left of them) write it, coach him on how to present it, and then Pray he stay's on script. He has NO IDEA that if he were to be elected, he does not have the final say! He seem's to forget there is this thing called the CONGRESS. Nothing get's done without them. We have seen this during President Obama's term. He has been blocked at every turn. Our Government has shut down more during this Administration than any prior. Yes, for now it is controlled by the GOP. However, a CHANGE IS COMING. Mr.Trump can NOT simply say "YOUR FIRED" to the Congress if he doesn't get his way. With his Narcissistic behavior, he would be IMPEACHED within the first year. I SINCERELY HOPE that the Great Citizens of THIS GREAT NATION stand firmly against someone who will only spread more HATE AND ALIENATE OUR ALLIES. If one can't or doesn't like Hillary, you still have CHOICES. Don't vote for someone just because they are Republican or Democrat, CHOOSE WISELY. Write in who you want, or vote for another Democrat or Republican. But DON'T JUST ROLL WITH THE FLOW. WE THE PEOPLE STILL HAVE A CHOICE! I know what I will be doing. And I Pray that ALL AMERICAN'S WILL MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE. WE ARE THE PEOPLE. WE DESERVE BETTER. DON'T SETTLE FOR LESS. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


                                   TRICKY TRUMP

Many of us have seen the numerous negative comments that Tricky TRUMP has made about our country and many other issues. However, when you take aim at a disabled individual and then DENY IT, saying "I never met the guy. I didn't know he was disabled". I would never do something like that". This man can not APOLOGIZE! It is beneath him to admit a wrong of any kind. He Stated "Russia, I hope your listening! Find all of the 33million emails Hillary deleted". Then he has the audacity to say, "I was just being sarcastic". Well, Tricky Trump, the world is watching.  And they aren't looking at you being sarcastic! Our enemies are taking ANY OPPORTUNITY to cause mass calamity all over our Nation. And You want to edge them on? Not one time have you actually gave any of the American People a vision of hope. A clear Plan for the future of Economic Growth, Foreign Policies" Enviromental Protection(which you don't believe exsist), etc. All you to is tell the American People "Believe me, it's gonna be huge" Or, even more ironic, "Look folks, I alone can fix this". New's flash Tricky Trump, THE WORLD DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY. We all know that it takes a village. Meaning, WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. However, to a Narcissist, I guess the words, Me, I, Alone have some unique sick, twisted meaning to who? ONLY YOU! I for one have heard enough of your sick rhetoric to last me a life time. And believe me, Bernie doesn't need ANYTHING from you. Not even you to speak his name. He is better than that. So Tricky Trump, here are my sentiments towards you. Move to RUSSIA.

Monday, July 25, 2016


                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY "BABY GIRL"
My Precious "Baby Girl",  46 yrs ago, I gave Birth to you..You were so very early, Weighing only 2lbs-6oz. Back then, there was no fancy equipment such as today. Every Dr. told us you would not make it..But, you were so strong and so determined..I worried so very much, yet NEVER GIVING UP! You continued to fight and surprised EVERYONE.. I didn't know it then, but I didn't have to worry.God already had laid out his plans for you even though we did not know it. I am so very BLESSED that GOD allowed me to be your Mother for 44yrs..Such a gift from God. I will never know what to you 18months ago at 44yrs old, however,  I know it was GOD'S PLAN..Your Beauty was beyond reproach. Your smile lit up a room. Your laughter was infectious and you Blessed me with a Beautiful Grandson and a Wonderful Son-In-Law. My Precious "Baby Girl, GOD has you in his keeping. I will FOREVER HAVE YOU IN MY HEART AND SOUL until we are together again when this earthly journey is over..Mamma Loves You ALWAYS AND FOREVER. Soar with the ANGELS MY PRECIOUS ONE. ALWAYS, ALWAYS.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


                                AN AMERICAN'S INTERVIEW FOR A PRESIDENT

In the face of Adversity, America and all of it's allies stood in solidarity. EXCEPT ONE! Donald J. Trump(Drumpf), stood center stage and preyed on the fear of those going through the most Tragic Event of their lives. He is a Godless Man. He is in this for the WIN. I can assure you he cares nothing about any of us. It's all about the WIN. The only thing he knows about Foreign Policy is how to Marry It and bring it back to the States. He blames our President for all of our problems. Does he not realize that the GOP has blocked just about  everything this President has put before them? Almost Everything the Senate has put before the house? He talks about building a wall. Well, Mr Trump, your in Great Company. Because that is all the GOP has been for 8 long years, is a WALL.  A wall against the People.  Doing everything within it's power to STOP anything that our President has attempted to do. The AMERICAN PEOPLE have seen our Government SHUT DOWN in their show of defiance. You are for the Rich and Powerful. Not the poor and disadvantaged.  And yes, there are many individuals who are living pay check to pay check. Some unable to purchase medication, groceries, pay their utilities. YOU SEE, WE WERE NOT ALL BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON IN OUR MOUTH. I know that is a cliche, however, it FITS YOU WELL.  You demean our Soldiers who are risking their lives everyday for our country!!! Your ideology to Quote "BLOW THE HELL OUT OF THEM".  Giving NO pause to the WOMEN AND CHILDREN who would also die. This is NOT an AMERICAN IDEOLOGY. You see, we care about the woman and children who by NO FAULT of THEIR OWN, would be eliminated. But then again, you want to PUNISH THE WOMEN right here in our own COUNTRY because of their RIGHT TO MAKE A DECISION ABOUT THEIR LIFE. I don't know where you have been all of your life, however, I do know that you are like every other BUSINESS MAN I have ever known. Screw anyone you can to get what YOU WANT. You are a disgrace to your own PARTY!!!!! NO, not the ones you have in your Mansion. And let me add "WE ARE A GREAT NATION".  We do not need a President that has "COLD WATER" running through his veins. #1. We need a President who is MATURE.(NOT A SCHOOL YARD BULLY. #2 We need a President who LOVES THE AMERICAN PEOPLE(NOT DECIDED BY THEIR ETHNIC BACKGROUND. #3. We need a President who PRAY'S INSTEAD OF PREY'S ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. #4. We need a President that can conform to OUR CONSTITUTION(NOT TRY TO RE-WRITE IT TO FIT YOUR AGENDA). #5. We need a President who has morals and values of the COMMON MAN(SOMETHING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT). #6. We need a President who RESPECTS THE CORE SENSITIVITIES OF HUMAN BEINGS(ANOTHER THING YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT). In closing this INTERVIEW, MR TRUMP, YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2016


                                         LOST WITHOUT HOPE

I need to vent today. Feeling so lost and alone. Seems as though nothing that I have ever done in my life has every been good enough. I became a Nurse to take care of all people. And yes, that included my family. I know that we are taught not to take care of family members, however, that is just not how I am. There has never been a time that a family member has needed me that I was not there ready to do anything that I could. My one heart breaking regret is that I was there for all who needed me except for my Precious Daughter. It wasn't because I neglected to help her, she simply would not except the help I was offering. Now, I have to son's whom I love dearly and 8 grandchildren. Since my Precious Daughter has passed away, everything has changed. My son Michael no longer speaks to me. Reason, because I did not attend his step-daughter's wedding. However, I was not invited to her bridal shower and my son Chris told me, "Man it's gonna be awkward with you sitting their and Dad and Phylis being right there". I did not feel welcome. However, I was ready to go. The arrangements were for my son Mike to pick me up. He had (without my knowledge), asked his brother to pick me up instead. No one ever came to pick me up. To spite the fact that I knew I was not welcomed, I completely intended to attend. I went out and bought a dress and new shoe's. I was dressed and waiting for my son to pick me up. Yet, now, he no longer speaks to me because I was not there. Even though his wife and his step-daughter truly did not want me there, he still refuses to be a part of my life. Even he himself told me that his wife would never speak to me again months before this glamorous wedding that only lasted a total of 2 months. And now, my other son doesn't want to be around me either. Yes, I am still grieving the loss of my daughter. All I ever wanted was for us to all be together. And now, I am completely alone. I am cussed by my eldest son who is always calling me "Drama Queen". What they do not realize is that I am not a "Drama Queen". I just speak the truth of things that they do not want to talk about because they are in denial. And to make matter's worse, I sit and think about my precious daughter and how she always had such a difficult time trying to make ends meet. Her husband did not want her to work, He took her to Oregon only for me to have to bring her back home. Then to North Carolina where once again I had to bring them back home because he couldn't make ends meet. I watched my daughter struggle with finances her entire married life. When my Uncle passed away, he left me his home. Prior to his death, he and my daughter and her husband had made arrangements for her to live in his home and pay  $350.00/month. But, because his will stated that if I died before him, the house was to go to Sis. I even remember asking my daughter and her husband how they were going to feel having me as their Land lady. But, after I inherited his home, it  was automatically assumed that I should give them the house. I myself was not financially stable either. But, here is my problem. Her husband worked and made good money, yet, every month she struggled for as long as they were married. Never getting to do the things she wanted to do. Simple things like eating out or going to the movies, or taking nice vacations. Yes, I suppose I could have made it easy for her husband, however, I did not feel like the rent was that much. After all, he was the one who did not want her working. His family were never in the picture. I did manage to get my finances in order to be able to turn the house over to them. However, she passed before I could complete the plans. He had no known life insurance on her, nor health insurance (which is one of the reasons she did not get the care she needed and deserved.). Her estranged father paid for her funeral. Everyone feeling sorry for her husband and child. Now, he has bought a new truck and two motorcycles and is living the dream. One that he could never give my daughter. Seem strange to anyone else???? Sure does to me. The very sad part of all of this is my precious grandson. Dad has a new girlfriend. He has MOVED ON. However, he is now saying that his son "Has to get over it". His son found his mother dead!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ole Dad was no where around. Something so very traumatic for any child. Yet, because ole dad now is living the life, he expects his son to just move on. Well, here is a wake up call. Every one grieves in their own way. And he has NO IDEA what his son is going through because he never takes the time to listen, let alone see the obvious signs that he is suffering. Today is Mother's Day. Dad is with his sweetie and his son is ALONE. My heart is broken in a million pieces. The death of my daughter has devastated me. She worshiped the ground her child walked on. And now to see what is so obvious, breaks my heart. However, there is nothing I as a grandparent can do. All I can do is lift everything up in Prayer to Jesus and Pray that he can help as I trust and have faith that he can. I don't think that my son will ever speak to me again. I just Pray that both of them know how much I love them. And I hope one day, they will realize and instead of remembering me as "THE DRAMA QUEEN" they will know me as the person who was willing to help anyone in need AND DID. I do not HATE. I LOVE so much, yet no one realizes how much love I have to give. I have been shut out by everyone who has ever meant anything to me. I know that this earthly journey does not last forever. And I can only Pray that when it is over, My Lord will take me to his everlasting home where there is nothing but love. I Pray for anyone who is faced with the disappointments in this life. Just Pray that the life you live today will lead you towards an Eternal Life Filled with Love for all and NO BROKEN HEARTS.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I was not ready for this. Yes, I know that peoples lives go on after the loss of a loved one. However, I am stuck. I can't seem to move on. I still can not wrap my head around the fact that I my Precious "Baby Girl" is gone from this earth. It just seems so unfair. All she ever wanted to do was be a good Mom and Wife. She was both. Each day I think of things that she might tell me if she could. I Pray that when this earthly journey is over, we will once again be together again. And I pray that my Grandson will be all that she wanted him to be. My heart breaks for him every day. I can not do all the things she did for him. He always seems so sad. And yes, his anger is there as well. I knew the day would come when her husband would find another. However, I have never seen him with anyone but my daughter. Now, to see him with another breaks my heart. Perhaps my Precious "Baby Girl" will send me a sign that all is Ok. And I Pray that God will watch over my Grandson. Help him to be the young man that she intended him to be. I Pray that God will give me the strength and increase my Faith that everything will be fine. Love You "Baby Girl" Soar with the Angels. I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND NEVER FORGET YOU. MAMA MISSES YOU.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


                                 MISSING YOU

My Precious "Baby Girl", today is one of those days like all the rest when all I can think of is how much I miss You. My Best Friend, My Beautiful Daughter. Your Beauty is Beyond reproach inside and out. Even when I had my short comings, you always forgave. You loved so deeply. And no one was a stranger to that love if they knew you. I Pray that God will grant me eternal life when my earthly journey is over. The first thing I will do is stand before him with Love and Praise. Then I will find you and NEVER LET YOU GO. Soar with the Angels my Precious One. Mama Loves You FOREVER AND ALWAYS.